tenba byob 7 camera insert

Tenba BYOB 7: Camera Insert Review

I was looking for a case that could keep my Delmonta TLR safe in my backpack, I heard good things about the Tenba BYOB 10 Camera Insert and had a look into that.  It was a tiny bit too large for my backpack so I decided to get the 7.

Tenba have a really large selection of bags. I personally like the Tools section best, lots of small bags for lots of small things.

Tenba TOOLS is a collection of versatile problem-solving accessories that includes memory card wallets, cable pouches, battery pouches, padded camera inserts and more.

tenba tools

Side Note: Does anyone understand the connection between Tenba and the Sumo Wrestler? I don’t get it.

The BYOB series from Tenba is designed to carry and protect a camera inside a larger backpack, suitcase or handbag.  The soft shell is designed in order to mold to the shape of any carrying bag.

The bag that I am using the BYOB 7 with is the Classic Kanken by Fjallraven.  Due to the solid retangular shape of the Kanken, the insert fits really nicely in the base of the bag.

BYOB 7 comes with two padded dividers with velcro so you can move them around in the insert for multiple configurations.  The soft brushed tricot lining is equipment-friendly.

Because I am using this insert to carry my Delmonta TLR (which I have no lens caps for) I am placing the camera into the insert and then using one of the adjustable dividers to cover the lens just as an extra bit of protection.

tenba byob 7 camera insert

The zippered top cover can be folded back and stowed in the rear pocket to allow quick access to your camera gear – I haven’t done this as I like to keep my note book in the back pocket.

Stretchy mesh side pockets on the sides of the BYOB 7 for holding accessories.  It says on the Tenba site that you can fit your phone in there, but I have a Samsung S8 and it fits in the pocket just fine but it only goes half way up the phone – I have found keeping my light meter fits much better!

tenba byob 7 camera insert

There is a small D-ring on the front of the insert – super handy if you need to attach a carabiner with keys or maybe a small torch?

tenba byob 7 camera insert

There are lots of other pockets; one on the inside of the lid there – a zippered pocket which I have been using to carry some pens and two front external pockets about the same width as the side mesh pockets but not as stretchy, and finally a rear pocket that I keep my notebook in.

tenba byob 7 camera insert

It is also worth mentioning that the case is made of water-repellant shadow ripstop nylon and has durable YKK® zippers.

Final Thoughts

I will definitely be looking to Tenba again when I need another case for a camera, I have space in my backpack for another couple of different sized inserts and I like to keep my cameras and accessories safe inside well designed cases.

Tenba BYOB 7 Specifications

Weight: 0.25 lbs
Exterior Dimensions: 7.5W X 5.5H X 3.5D in. (19 X 14 X 9 cm)
Interior Dimensions: 7W X 5H X 3D in. (18 X 13 X 8 cm)

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