Do you use expired film?

I know a lot of people use expired film but I don’t usually.  I have always thought it was a bit of a risk, what if it doesn’t work anymore? Will the colours be all wrong? Will it just be a waste of money?

A few months ago there was a person in my apartment block giving away some expired film for free so I thought I might as well grab it, it turned out to be 2 boxes of Kodak Colour and 2 of Kodak Ultra Max.  They all expired around 2003-2005 so not super old but I had no idea how they have been kept.  In a fridge? Under the bed?

Due to the fact that I recently had a bit of a buying spree with some cheap cameras, I thought I might as well whizz this free film through them.

Below are some of the results.

Ricoh XF-30
Ricoh XF-30
Kodak Brownie 127
Ricoh XF-30
Ricoh XF-30
Ricoh XF-30
Ricoh XF-30

I’d like to know who else uses expired film and if you have any preference over the brand or amount of years expired?


  1. Hello Karen, I use expired film a lot, all kept in the fridge. Slide film seems to go off more rapidly, but if cross processed can look really good. Used to get my colour film dev’d at a local photo store, but now send them off to a lab,( what a difference, really great results even on quite old film.


    1. Ahhh,, that is pretty interesting that you can get better results from an online developer. I use a shop, but it is a good one, not a snappy snaps or boots type shop. I am always a bit nervous sending film off in the mail, it would be sad if it got lost.

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    1. That is often my issue with it too. I’ve used a few ‘alternative’ films, like redscale, and just hated the results. However, I would like to use redscale in a dessert for that off world alien look.


  2. I use expired film a lot, I like the risk factor! However, I’ve been lucky, I’ve only had a couple of rolls that I didn’t like: Tudor 100 and some random one called Super HD200 which might have been made by Konica?

    Normally when I shoot expired film, if it’s slide film I will shoot at box speed, with colour negative and b&w it’s normally 1/2 to 1 stop overexposure. With slide film, I will sometimes get it cross processed; it depends how confident I am with how it was stored, and the subject matter. I mostly do flower photography, and I don’t like cross processing that because I want more natural colours.

    I recently shot some expired Ektachrome 200 that came out really well, and I’ve never shot a roll of Velvia 50 that wasn’t already expired! I have a fresh roll I am saving 😀

    My expired film photos:

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    1. Forgot to say I don’t really have any preferences over brand, and I’ve shot film that has been only a few years expired up to 17 years expired! AND I’ve just bought a roll of Sensia 400 that expired in 1999. Have no idea what I’m going to do with it yet

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    2. I have heard people saying that they over expose expired film. I have shot my most recent lot at box speed with mixed results. There have only been a few that I think might have been better at a different exposure. But because I’ve been using it in some shitty little compact cameras there hasn’t been much option to play with exposures.


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