double exposure tree arm

Accidental Double Exposure

I really love my Delmonta TLR but I have that problem that I guess a lot of people have with their medium format cameras; did I wind it on for the next picture or is this still on the frame I just took?

I constantly have this issue with my Delmonta, Holga and Zeiss Ikon and the thing they have in common? They use 120 film and require me to remember which frame I last exposed.

double exposure tree arm
Delmonta | Lomochrome Film
double exposure portrait
Delmonta | Lomochrome Film

I did get a couple of shots that weren’t double exposed and I think this is probably because I knew I couldn’t remember if I had wound it on after taking a photo so I took double the shots.

lomochrome turquoise film
Delmonta | Lomochrome Film
Delmonta | Lomochrome Film



  1. I can completely relate to this! When I use my Diana F+ I really have to try and remember if I had wound the camera on or not. This is more of a problem if I don’t shoot the whole 120mm film in a day so have to try and remember when I next use it. If I’m unsure I tend to just wind on the film and sacrifice a missing shot if I had already wound it on earlier on but can’t remember.

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