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Roller Derby: On Film

This was my first attempt at shooting indoors, with low light and fast action on a film camera. I took my three Pentax cameras with me, they’re all K mount so the lenses can all be shared across all bodies.

I wanted the fastest speed colour film I could get and unfortunately, I was unable to get any Fuji Colour 1600 so I stuck with the B&W Ilford Delta 3200 and Kodak T-Max 3200.

Pentax ME | Ilford Delta 3200 1x Pull

I have used Ilford Delta before in my Pentax ME Super with some great results. To the left is an example of a shot I took at night, to the right and indoor ‘romantically’ lit restaurant.

Both of these shots were taken at 1600 ISO as that is the highest my Pentax ME Super can go, I decided to put this film into my Pentax ME (it has the same maximum speed).

There was a lot of expectation vs reality when it actually came to using the Ilford Delta in my Pentax ME with a 200mm lens indoors and trying to shoot girls flying past on skates.

The Pentax ME only has an Auto function or a 100-speed shutter priority. I prefer to use Aperture Priority in most cases. I thought I would probably be able to shoot at around 1/500 because it didn’t seem that dark but when it actually came to setting up my camera on the tripod I found that I had to shoot at a much lower speed than expected.

There were very few photos that I actually liked from this roll, I had a much different idea of the types of shots I wanted to get. These are some of the best, although I am still not sure how I feel about them.

I had a bit of a camera fail after shooting about 30 exposures with my Pentax ME. The mirror jammed up, meanwhile, my girlfriend was on the floor after taking a really hard hit and the game was called off while there was some debate as to whether the girl that took her out should be expelled from the game. She was. I totally missed all of this because I was putting my camera into a dark bag and trying to unjam it! I failed and since then the camera has been officially cast into the camera graveyard under my bed. R.I.P Pentax ME. My girlfriend, fortunately, was fine and did not need to be put into a graveyard… under the bed.

Pentax Super A | Kodak T-Max 3200

The Kodak T-Max 3200 was a completely new film for me so I wanted to make sure I could shoot it at box speed. For this, I needed to use my Pentax Super A. I mostly used my Sigma 100-300mm lens for these shots and had the same shocking revelation when setting up my camera – the shutter speeds were not as fast as I was hoping!

Pentax ME Super | FujiFilm Colour Pro 400

This camera had already been loaded with the FujiFilm colour film and I had only taken it with me because I wanted to finish off the roll I had started. I did not actually think I would be able to use it to shoot any action.

On reflection, I like the shots with the refs, their already black and white kits look good but I think the black and white film actually does an injustice to the colourful kits the players wear. The next time I go to a game I am taking colour film with me and probably one high-speed B&W film.

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