Kickstarter Round-Up: Projects I Love Right Now

Full disclosure, I am ADDICTED to Kickstarter.  I get trapped on there for hours at a time planning what I am going to buy.  I click ‘remind me’ on loads of stuff and then hopefully (I am getting better) don’t back everything there.

I think the most I ever backed in one session was about 3 things which turned into hundreds of pounds worth of stuff, I quickly came to my senses and turned all these backed projects into much smaller £1 donations.

CAMERADACTYL: A 3D printed 4×5 field camera in custom colours.

This camera is one of the items I have set to ‘remind me’ later.  I probably won’t back it because I simply just cannot afford to buy anything for myself at the moment but if I had some money to spend I would definitely be typing in my credit card details right now.

LOOK AT IT! What’s not to like?

The camera itself is 3D printed in plastic, which is less durable than steel. Ethan says,

"I have beefed up many mechanical pieces to accommodate this."

Check out all the information on this cool project here.

PinBox by Hamm Camera Company: A DIY Pinhole Camera

This is another Kickstarter project! A lot cheaper and a great present for anyone who likes engineering and photography.  The concept is simple; Hamm Camera Company has designed a Pin Hole camera that you can build and use at home.

It’s not a completely new idea as people have been making these cameras themselves for years (I haven’t and will admit I have no idea how it is done).  I am super interested in this project because it looks fun and it doesn’t cost loads of money.

PinBox specifications:
120 format film
6 cm by 6 cm square image
12 images per roll
An Aperture value of f/120 or f/200.

Check out the PinBox project on Kickstarter.  I literally just pledged.  Whoops.

NOTE: This isn’t Hamm Camera Company’s first outing on Kickstarter, their project NuBox 1 was successfully funded in February 2018.

The Standard 4×5 – Build Your Own Large Format Camera

Another build-your-own camera project but with a $320+ price tag.  It isn’t as pretty as the CAMERADACTYL but it looks pretty sturdy and has some nice testimonials.×5-a-3d-printed-4×5-view-camera

Read more about the project on Kickstarter here.

MagBox, MagShoe, MagRing—Revolutionary New Softbox System

Off-camera softbox lighting:
– The MagShoe™, an ergonomic cold-shoe bracket you can operate with one hand.
– The MagRing™, a magnetic speedring that makes attaching larger modifiers to smaller hot-shoe flashes super simple.
– The MagBox™, a radically awesome softbox that does what traditional softboxes can’t.

Read more about this Kickstarter project here.



  1. Did you back the Lomography Diana Instant Square Camera that was recently on there? There was also the Reflex camera last year which looks really interesting but I didn’t find out about that until after the funding deadline date had ended.


    1. No, I didn’t actually. Polaroid is so expensive and I have a couple of cameras that shoot different sized instant film so I saved my money there. I only found out about that Diana because I got served an ad about it. I get A LOT of kickstarter sponsored ads on my Instagram feed.

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