Kodak Brownie 127

My friends got me a Kodak Brownie 127 for my birthday. It’s a pretty cool camera.

This plastic snapshot viewfinder camera was very popular in the UK. Between 1952 and 1954, over a million had been made and the series continued to sell many more millions.

If you lived in the US there is a chance you would have bought the exported variant version, known as the Brownie Starlet.

There were three models of the Brownie 127 created between 1952 and 1967. The version I have is the first (or a reproduction of the first).

First Model Spec
In Production: 1952-1959
Lens: Meniscus f/14 64mm
Shutter: Rotary, 1/50s
Frame Size: 6x4cm
Film: 127mm

Second Model Spec
In Production: 1959-1963
Lens: Dakon f/11, plastic
Shutter: Rotary
Frame Size: 6x4cm
Film: 127mm

Third Model Spec
In Production: 1965-1967
Lens: f/14 51mm, plastic
Shutter: Rotary, 1/40s
Frame Size: 4x4cm
Film: 127mm

I have hacked this camera a bit and loaded it with 35mm film instead of 127mm. I am excited to see the results!

If anyone else has this camera I would love to know which film you have tested in it and what kind of results you have got.

What this space for my photos…


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