Deep Excavation

When: Tuesday 28th July.
Where: Down the ally behind work.

Steph: Urh! That sign’s scary

Me: Haha, yeah.  It’s like dinosaurs.  Maybe Godzilla will come out of there!  We would all die.

Steph: I’ll just hide under that car.

Me: Godzilla will just pick it up and eat you, or stand on the car and squash you.

Steph: oh yeah.

Me: We will just have to make a run for it.

Steph: I’m the kind of person who would trip over myself running.

Me: I’m going to have to leave you behind.  I’d be like ‘yeah, if I help you I’m going to die too, bye’.

Steph: haha..oh.

Me: Do you think I can post this picture on the work Instagram?

Steph: No, it’s a bit rude.

Me: Really?

Steph: Yeah, you thought of dinosaurs, I was thinking about vaginas.

Me: oh.

Steph: Especially with all that wet stuff on the corners.


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